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Do you ever want to get away from it all, from everyone and everything ? To be on your own in your own space? Perhaps because we’ve been cooped up for so long, or maybe it’s just time for a refresh and reset. Issue No. 35 of MASCULAR Magazine will be dedicated to REMOTE. 

The pressures of everyday life, work, relationships can all add up. Social media brings us all closer, even if, from time to time we need some mental space of our own. To metaphorically pull up the drawbridges and to be left alone. For some, it’s not emotional space we crave, rather it’s physical space to roam and feel free. Living in a big city or in close contact with others has its great joys and benefits. But oh! the beauty of an open field or an empty beach – soul stirring and uplifting in equal measure. Are remoteness and ‘freedom’ synonyms? 

As creatives, we are often considering work “in context”. Indeed, some hold that Context is what gives creative work it meaning. It’s a the language through which we can communicate emotions and ideas. But what if you don’t want to use that particular vocabulary. What if pure and raw emotion, at their most base, are your vernacular. Where you are the only person who can truly understand the expression of your emotional voice? Are ‘remote’ and ‘abstract’ synonyms?

What of those situations when a person, place or thing is remote to you. It could be an idea or concept. A challenge. All just beyond reach, no matter the effort you put into attaining that particular goal. Beyond your capacities or perhaps ignorant or indifferent to your efforts – what vale us is there in a remote emotion. What value is there in the unattainable? Some would say that in striving to reach the unobtainable we grow as individuals. 

Presumably, the ultimate state of remoteness, of being unreachable, is death. Who knows what’s on the lifeless side of that equation, but it is unarguable that those on the living side are not content with simply moving in and letting go. Be it a career, a loved one or a holiday, the end and how we deal with it has great meaning. Even if there’s no answer, we do it UE to communicate with what’s no longer there. 


MASCULAR Magazine is fascinated to see what artists from around the world will make of REMOTE. Will sharing what’s remote bring us closer to some kind of understanding? What will we learn? Bring us into your remoteness.

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Deadline for submissions is August 29, 2022.

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