Is it someone you’ve seen? Perhaps something you’ve touched or tasted. Maybe its a situation - a dark alley or a smelly locker room. Whatever or wherever your pulse quickens, you begin to sweat. You’re aroused. You’ve come face to face with or dreamt of something that’s turned you on.  Issue No. 30 of MASCULAR Magazine is dedicated to FANTASY. These dreams, objects, or people can transport you to a place where you experience the most intense feelings. There are no rules, boundaries, or limits. Your Fantasy can be conjured up in a momentary daydream or it can be triggered by the slightest of encounters.

For many, their fantasies represent the unattainable. A fantasy can be a form of impossible perfection, and in that state remain out of reach, and exciting all the more for being so. The very fact that it can’t be had or can’t be done is precisely what makes it so compelling. Be it that sports star on the field of play that you imagine tied to a lonely tree in a deserted forest, or the Minister giving a speech on TV that you would sorely like to ravage - millions of queues are subconsciously logged to give amplitude to your excitement.  While these are deeply private and personal matters, the world of advertising and entertainment knows what they are. A bead of sweat on a bare chest, a mustache over full lips, tight pants that contour the anatomy beneath - they give you just enough so that you can take it the rest of the way in your head. You can’t touch or taste these elements, because they live in the realm of fantasy.

But then you have fantasy made tangible. Objects or situations that can be had or created so that they can be experienced in the real world and not only in one’s mind - though the mind is still the principal actor here. A leather jacket, a cigar, a slick piece of rubber, or some old dirty socks - these are tangible and available. Perhaps the fantasy is situational or based on risk and danger. Being naked in public, being helpless and vulnerable, a dark alley or a prison cell - many of these aren’t that remote and are sought out for that sense of excitement. Alternatively, they are the settings and backdrops for our fantasies. In the end, the objective is to create the mood and feelings that enhance and intensify our sexual lives. 

Being as intense and pervasive as they are, it is no wonder that artists throughout history have chosen to depict and share their fantasies. From the representation of the ideal body to depicting the ideal environment or experience, fantasy has been a rich seam to mine for painters, poets and musicians alike. Perhaps its because fantasy, like art, requires the participant to use his mind in a similarly creative way. Or, perhaps its because they are both a form of escape, a re-imagining of the world and experiences we would rather have.  Fantasies and art also share the ability to be exhilarating, perverse, extreme, and even dangerous, without actually materialising in the “real” world. An artist is by nature a fantasist. I would also wager that many fantasists are artists in their own right. So come on, show us what you are made of. Share some of those fantasies. 

If you are interested in contributing to Issue No. 30, please download and complete the Submissions Form below, or for more information, feel free to contact MASCULAR Magazine at:

Deadline for submissions is October 5, 2020.

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