It’s primary and all pervasive. The most beautiful of its kind according to many, it is a signal, and often a warning. Stop, and don’t stop. It heightens awareness and is best in the dark. Issue No. 28 of MASCULAR Magazine is dedicated to the color RED. For this issue at least, it’s our favorite color, and we would like to see how RED figures in your life and work.

There is a reason why fire engines and post boxes are often painted red. Designers and builders know that it catches the eye, that it sends a strong and bold message - “Look at me” or “Be warned”. The 45th President of the United States wears red ties all the time. He thinks it denotes power. Red is a socio-political statement. In the American flag, it denotes hardiness and valor. In the French flag, it denotes the bourgeoisie, while it represents prosperity and hope in the Canadian flag. Communism, as a movement, adopted red to represent the blood of the workers who died in the revolution against capitalism. Blood, prosperity, workers, valor, hope, and communists. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Monet and Van Gogh, like many before and after them, knew that a little dab or red in a painting could make add that something special to make the work successful. Red is daring. Devilish. Bold. Redheads are meant to be fiery, and red nail polish or lipstick was favoured for making a big impression. Paint something red, and people will look at it. Red is closely associated with sin, perversion and carnal pleasure. You’ll what you want in the red light district, and your red hanky may just get you what you crave. You need red to make orange, pink, purple and brown. They have their aficionados too. 

We are looking to understand how red features in your work, your surroundings and your lives. Is it central to your creativity - the color you always turn to? Do you have a red jumper you particularly like? Perhaps you use a red filter on your lens when shooting black & white photos. Whether it represents sin or hope for you, valor or velvet, Santa or Satan, share your red world with us. 

If you are interested in contributing to Issue No. 28, please contact MASCULAR Magazine at:

Deadline for submissions is January 14, 2020.

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