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nviting and dangerous in equal measure - getting wet is always an adventure. Something out of the ordinary. We naturally jump back the moment we expect to be splashed. Is it to protect our clothing? Somehow that doesn’t seem to be right - it’s almost an instinctive response to avoiding getting wet. The grimaces on people’s faces when caught in the rain - it’s as if they were in pain, but its only water! Someone spills a bottle of water or a glass of wine in a restaurant, and the entire establishment stops what they are doing to focus on the incident. It’s as if at a very deep level, we associate getting wet with danger or even death. That getting wet is a break in the natural order of things.

And then it happens. We get splashed by a passing car, the skies open up in a sudden downpour or we spill a glass of water on the table - a few moments pass, and then our shoulders relax. There... it wasn’t that bad after all. In a summer rain storm, you might even see adults dancing in the rain. 

Of course, it matters what you are being wet with, a nice spring shower or a cup of hot coffee. They aren’t the same thing. So is it down to the fluid that’s involved? Or is it the perceived damage that the fluid will cause. Floods are devastating, and for something as innocuous as two feet of water, the devastation left behind can be felt for years. Birthday Cakes look particularly sad when left in the rain. In certain parts of the world, being rained on is such a cause for concern that entire populations travel with the necessary equipment to protect themselves in the event of precipitation. A six hour flight away, and people come out of their homes to enjoy the rare drops of water falling from the sky. In all of these cases, it’s about where and when the water or fluids come into contact with us.

And then there are those situations were we crave being wet. Where wetness is desirable and even erotic. A pool of water can bring about deep feelings of relaxation and comfort, even if we never set foot in it. The potential and prospect of getting wet is enough. When you can’t control getting wet, and it just happens, there is a point where you give in and enjoy the sensation. Fluids on skin have their own special form of sensuality. We speak of “sliding into a bath” - and “the silkiness of a warm shower” etc. These are wonderful sensations that we seek. Under the right conditions, on our own terms, we like being wet. 

The fluids that make us wet can come from external as well as internal sources. Perspiration is a biological process, but it is loaded with meaning and impact. It implies physical effort and it brings out the beast in us. Sweat is highly provocative. Tears on a face (of joy or pain) are incredibly strong signifiers of emotions. Saliva, urine, tears, blood and the rest are simply part of being human, but take them out of context, and suddenly they have huge significance. The ability to shock, titillate or surprise.

We would like to explore the role that different fluids play in the creative lives of our contributors. Whether in or our of context, show us how wet you can get.

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