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With the publication of our monumental issue No. 40 in two volumes, we now turn to what’s next. We love what you do when we suggest a theme. With the world facing conservative forces in every corner designed to control and divide, we’d like to focus on your idea of TOGETHER. As always, this is a guiding concept that should inspire your own interpretation.

What does TOGETHER mean to you? A tryst between two (or three) lovers? A family outing or relationship? Activities with a pet or friend? Cultural interactions or alliances? Or maybe your favorite team sport. The possibilities are endless and open to your expression. All we ask is that you also write something to go along with any visual submissions that help the viewer understand your viewpoint and how it relates to the theme. 

As we have said before, using a theme is an effective way to create a conversation. As artists, that’s a huge part of what drives us. Something magical happens when all your interpretations are manifested in an issue of Mascular: the conversation takes on a profound power. 

As ever, all media welcome. Regardless of your professional experience, an ability to curate your submissions and choose quality over quantity is much appreciated. We hope this theme piques your interest, and TOGETHER, we can continue to hone the quality of our publication.


If you are interested in contributing to Issue No. 40, please download and complete the Submissions Form below, or for more information, feel free to contact MASCULAR Magazine at:

Deadline for submissions is October 7, 2024.

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