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Are you a “fashionista” or do you hate everything to do with clothing? Less is more. In Issue 34, we are exploring FASHION. From expert tailoring to the most artistic haute couture, gay men have played a key role in the fashion industry. While there may be many historical reasons for this, there’s no doubt that queer people of all stripes have dominated all things to do with dressing up. From the designers to themselves to the consumers, our fascination for all things fashion has been enduring and impactful.

Every time we buy a piece of clothing - ostensibly a functional requirement - we explore our relationship between a given garment and our own personalities. We ask ourselves “what does this item say about me”. Indeed, when we reject a piece of clothing, it is often on the basis that “it’s not me”. So clothes aren’t purely functional. They say something about the individual sporting them. They are a form of communication, or even advertising. 

Over time, the “looks” that clothes represent have been deeply influenced by artistic and cultural events. By wearing bobby socks and saddle shoes, millions were saying that they were cool and that they belonged. Emulating James Dean’s blue jeans and white tee-shirt meant you were a rebel with a free spirit. And a plaid shirt has been emblematic of the bear community and suggests down to earth realness - whether or not that follows through in the character of the wearer is a different matter. The point in this instance is that the “anti-fashion” of utilitarian clothing can express as much as an embroidered little man on a horse.  The clothing you choose to wear says a lot about who you are and what you want people to believe about you. From suits to sportiness to power to sexual identity, clothing makes the man.

Naturally, FASHION plays a key role in our sex lives. What we wear while having sex is meant to make us feel good, put us in the mood, and heighten the sexual experience. Jock straps are particularly popular in a sexual context, but it does depend on the jock strap. Are you turned on by the old-fashioned sports jock, a leather studded version, or a hot-pink glittering number. Perhaps it depends on your mood. In these more gender-fluid times, men are using fashion to express more complex and nuanced messages. A man may choose to present as hyper-masculine physically, but to contrast that with delicate lingerie. For him, this look projects sexiness and makes him feel great. Certain sub-cultures within the leather community are attached to specific items from belts to boots, ties to trousers and, of course, leather jackets. 

MASCULAR Magazine would like to see what you have to say about FASHION. Let’s explore the artistic content of clothing, design and fabric - either intrinsically or in relation to the wearer - and see what comes of it.

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