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Our feet and our hands are remarkable instruments that are the means by which we make our way through life. Our feet take us places. That’s obvious. But when you think about it a bit more, you come to realise that, while we may take them for granted, our feet are what truly makes us free. They all look different, but we recognise them on sight. We use them in sport and we use them to fight. We use them to care and to communicate. But was also ignore them and let our hands and feet get on with the job. They are punished and just keep going. But if you abuse them too much, they can bring you down.

We talk with our hands. We use them in pretty much every form of creation from preparing food to playing an instrument. Highly expressive and dynamic, our hands are always in motion – always in action. We adorn them, decorate them, and generally keep them out of harm’s way. But over time, our hands come to reflect the lives they have lived. Callused, bent and wrinkled – they are no less beautiful as they tell our story. Hands can do great things, but they are also the instruments of pain, hurt and death.

In art and media, hands and feet have their ideals. Slender and fine vs. harry and gnarled – the look of our hands and feet indicate a great deal about us and how we live our lives. And then, of course, there are fetishes around hands and feet just like there are for almost everything. The associations we make can be highly titillating. There are people you will know for decades without ever seeing their bare feet. Isn’t that odd? Some people are embarrassed by their hands and feet – going to great lengths to cover them. For others, a foot shaped popsicle is the perfect summer treat!

For Issue No. 37 of MASCULAR Magazine, we would like you to consider HANDS and FEET. The flesh, skin, and bone, or perhaps the things they enable us to do. Perhaps what interests you is how they are covered or adorned? Are boots or high heels your thing? Perhaps its gloves or nail varnish? Over the past few years, we have seen more and more men paint their nails – and not just toenails hidden in socks, but fingernails in bright colours for all to see. Some like dirty feet, while others are turned on by immaculate hands. When it comes to painting and drawing, hands and feet are notoriously difficult to render – so much so that some great masters just chose not to include them in their works (all people being pained from the knees up or standing behind a rock). Whether or feet or hands (or both) are your thing, we invite you to share with us your impressions on hands and feet, and how they feature in your art.

If you are interested in contributing to Issue No. 36, please download and complete the Submissions Form below, or for more information, feel free to contact MASCULAR Magazine at:

Deadline for submissions is April 17, 2023.

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