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Countless creative men go about their lives and neglect their artistic interests and impulses. They may not do it for a living, but they are accomplished artists in one way or another. But work, stress, responsibilities, and sometimes laziness means that we leave our cameras, brushes, and instruments untouched for months or years. This, we do out our peril, and in doing so, we neglect a fundamental part of what makes us who we are.

Artistic expression broadens the mind, opens the heart, and encourages you to expand your perspectives. In short, it makes you a better and happier man. 

Mascular Magazine celebrates masculine art and the men who create it. Our quarterly magazine is free to download and showcases artwork in all mediums from artists around the world. We often chose a theme for a given issue and use that as a point of reference to begin a dialogue between people from different cultures and with different experiences. This creates a very exciting forum for exploring the issues and aesthetics that are important to us today.



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