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Spring 2012

Issue No. 1

The inaugural issue of Mascular Magazine showcased the works of a broad array of creatives from all over the world. The objective was see what themes and issues were the subject matter for creatives, most of whom shared the same sexuality, but little else. The results were fascinating.


Summer 2012

Issue No. 2

​The theme for Issue No. 2 of Mascular Magazine was Nature. We asked photographers, writers, designers, architects, musicians, sculptors, poets - artists of all kind to consider their natural surroundings. How does their natural world influence their work? In what ways are today’s artists engaging with the natural world? Time to explore.


Autumn 2012

Issue No. 3

Issue No. 3 of Mascular Magazine explores relationships. We asked photographers, writers, designers, architects, musicians, sculptors, poets, artists of all kind to consider and reflect on the important relationships in their lives. How were they formed? How do they work? What do they get from them? We and our work are formed and informed by our relationships - both positive and negative. Are relationships changing, and if so, in what ways?


Winter 2013

Issue No. 4


Issue No. 4 of Mascular Magazine was dedicated to travel. We called on artists and creatives from around the world to take us on a trip.  Far away, across the street or a trip around the landscapes of their minds. We were celebrating the instinct to get up and go. We asked to be shown where they contributors had been, where they had come from or where they wanted to go. 


Spring 2013
Issue No. 5

Issue No. 5 of Mascular Magazine was dedicated to Black. We wanted to see how artist would respond to black - the absence of light and lack of colour. Would these constraints reveal something new? Would they pare down the creative language and reveal something unexpected? The answer is yes, but perhaps no as you might expect.


Summer 2013
Issue No. 6

Issue No. 6 of Mascular Magazine was dedicated to Water. Water is elemental and critical to life, but is it critical to art? Is it as compelling a material in our creative lives as it is in our ability to live? Artists from around the world responded with an amazing array of works depicting water in our lives, in our landscapes and in how we saw the world.

Autumn 2013
Issue No. 7

Issue No. 7 of Mascular Magazine was dedicated to Portraits. With all the events, changes and challenges we have seen over the past decade, we wanted to take a moment and look at how we had changed. More specifically, we wanted to see if the way we see ourselves had evolved.​It turns out that the Portraits theme resonated with artists from around the world. We had in excess of 100 excellent submissions. What we learned came as a bit of a surprise. Apparantly, while we remain resilient and hopeful, we are bit more humble and, perhaps accepting than before, though no less creative. 

Winter 2014
Issue No. 8

​​Issue No. 8 of Mascular Magazine was dedicated Fetish. We brought together the works of three dozen amazing artists to explore the role fetish plays in art and in our lives. Beautiful, challenging, intense and humours, the works give insights into what happens when we allow our imaginations to drive out desires.


These desires have often been characterised as dark and secret, but what we find through the pages of the issue is that these artists are searching for a more complete connection to their emotional and sexual beings. Are you prepared to let yourself go?


Issue No. 9
​​Issue No. 8

Issue No. 9 of MASCULAR Magazine is dedicated to Play. We have asked artists from around the world to consider play as a theme in their work, lives and the arts. Fundamental to how we learn to engage with the world around us, play forms our earliest and our most recent experiences. In a special way, it is the structure on which we build our lives.



The word Play has so many meanings and can be used in a variety of contexts. Not all play is technically fun or even positive. Whether on a field, a stage, in bed or a studio, we all need to play. 


Issue No. 10

Issue No. 10 of MASCULAR Magazine wass dedicated to Dreams. Dreams play such an important role in our emotional lives and therefore in our creative lives as well. As artists, we tap into our immagination to create, in much the same way, when we dream, our minds engage in a crative (artistic?) process. 


Issue No. 11

Issue No. 11 of MASCULAR Magazine wass dedicated to White. Artist from around the world considered the role white plays in art, in politics and culture more broadly. Far from the opposite of black, white comes with all kinds of baggage. Some contributors use white to accentuate their works, while others used it to obscure the subject. In some cases it was the jumping off point, while in others, it was a destination in itself.

Issue No. 12

ssue No. 12 of MASCULAR Magazine. This issue is dedicated to LIGHT. Fundamental to most forms of creativity, light can be a tool, a subject or a challenge. Artists from around the world engaged with light in its many forms, meanings and qualities to reveal that we still have much to say on the subject. From photography that uses light to sculpt form to forms that respond to light to give depth, it all comes down to an unavoidable interaction. It reveals and obscures, it brings warmth and it strips you bare - LIGHT!

Issue No. 13

Issue No. 13 of MASCULAR Magazine is dedicated to all things FuckedUp. Our contributors challenge you to consider the world and artistic expression from the perspective of the outsider. Subversive thoughts, daring concepts and dark places are all here. These artist have grown tired of the conventional because it doesn't speak to them. It's not their experience of life.

Issue No. 14

Issue No. 14 of MASCULAR Magazine is dedicated to the 'Road'. Be it a destination in and of itself or the conduit that takes you to new and far away places, the road figures in all of our lives. We travel along a path through our time, sometimes alone and sometimes in the company of others, and all the while, we wonder if our footsteps will leave a trace. The Road is loaded with potential, mystery and, in some cases, menace. Never forget that there are at least two directions of travel, and that experiences travel towards you as well as away. Step into the pages of this issue of MASCULAR magazine and see where our amazing contributors take you

Issue No. 15

Issue No. 15 of MASCULAR Magazine the Seven Deadly Sins - a topic that is both ancient and constantly relevant. Yes sin is a Christian concept that has been used for social control but if we take out the religion we are left with a set of behaviors that every human being can relate to.  The understanding of Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride exists in all cultures and religions, if not in religious texts then in folk tales or stories.  We have brought together a group of amazing artists from around the globe who explore through different media how these sins/behaviors are manifest in the world today.  Sometimes there are consequences to our behavior but there is also a great deal of pleasure to be had by indulging in a little bit of immorality.  So come and join the mischief.  A little bit of being bad will do you a world of good.

Issue No. 16

Issue No. 16 of MASCULAR Magazine was dedicated to SPORT. An activity, way of life, pastime or obsession, sport figures in some way in the lives of most people. It’s been passed to us through time and exists across cultures. For some, its an everyday part of their existence – an expression of who they are and what they do. Being in peak physical condition is an aphrodisiac both for the subject and as an object.  Some follow sports teams with a devotion and emotional investment that would normally be reserved for a family member or loved one.

Issue No. 17

Issue No. 17 of MASCULAR Magazine was dedicated to NOCTURNAL. We invited artists and creatives from all over the world to help us lift the veil of darkness on this intriguing world of darkness, shadows, secrets and, perhaps, horrors. Plants and animals behave differently at night, and as it happens, so do we humans. Unlike the day, night feels like it could go on forever. Sunrise is something of a surprise, and ever so moody. Sunset seems to take a long time but is calming as if it’s gently easing us into what’s about to happen . We are aware of the death of that day. We contemplate what we have achieve and what is left to do tomorrow – we plan our lives during the day. But at night, there are endless possibilities. 

Issue No. 18

Issue No. 18 of MASCULAR Magazine was dedicated to TECH.  Some might say that the most important thing to happen in the world of art in recent times has been technology. Consider the tens of thousands of years artists created their works with some variant of charcoal to paint, and clay. It took 100 years to go from the first photographs to digital capture. But the last thirty years have seen more variety and a greater quantity of art produced than in the entire history of mankind. Is this a good thing?​ We invited artists and creatives from all over the world to help us come to terms with this revolution, to respond to it, to expand on it and to confront it. Low-tech, Hi-Tech, New-Tech, Old-Tech, they all have their aficionados. Some artists find the ever increasing presence of tech in their lives to be suffocating, while others find it to be central to their creative freedom.

Issue No. 19

Issue No. 19 of MASCULAR Magazine was dedicated to HOME. What does it mean to you? What images does your mind conjure when you think of home? Do you see your mother? Your partner? The house you grew up in? Is it solitary or is it noisy and crowded? For many it is a combination of all these things. Memory plays a large role in how we think of home. Our brains select bits and pieces, fragments of images seemingly unrelated and weaves them together to create a seamless canvas. There can also be a mix of joy and sadness associated with thoughts of home. Thoughts of home, indeed, speak directly to our shared humanity. It may be one of the rare topics that unites people from different cultures and backgrounds. (Guest edited by Ron Amato)

Issue No. 20

Issue No. 20 of MASCULAR Magazine was dedicated to PARTY. These last few years have been fueled by political activity, often with unpredictable or disappointing results. Promises, accusations, fights and name calling all followed the second martini, or were displayed in TV for all to watch. And yes, there were tears, laughter, shouts and hurrahs. But after the big event, many are left asking themselves “why do I do it?” These events are simply a part of human intercourse. They take a lot of energy, move at their own pace, and sometimes end in inconclusive ways. Hopes, fears and dreams are played out on a stage, and there are lead actors, supporting roles and an audience. Views are emboldened or changed. In the throes of the moment, we all feel very alive and very much “in the now”, but these moments often fade into memory the next time, inevitably, there is an event. 

Issue No. 21

Issue No. 21 of MASCULAR Magazine was dedicated to BEACH.

There’s something about a beach that puts us back in touch with the very essence and history of our humanity. It wipes away civilisation and lets us re-connect with our primeval selves. As artists, we look to capture this etherial ‘realness’ of the human animal. Nudity enhances the effect. Sweeping vistas and the never ending horizon make us feel small and vulnerable - and we seek that feeling, if only for a few hours on a summer’s day. 

Issue No. 22

Issue No. 22 of MASCULAR Magazine was dedicated to LEATHER.

MASCUALR Magazine finally tackled the topic of Leather. You know it by how it feels on your skin, that amazing rustling sound it makes when it moves, the overpowering smell. You also know it by the attitude it engenders and the bad-boy chic that’s somehow irresistible. Leather is timeless, and adaptable to its age. Generations of men have transformed it to their purposes and created new identities based on their own interpretations of leather. Guest Edited by CJ Brume.

Issue No. 23

 Issue No. 23 of MASCULAR Magazine was about HISTORY.

Who are we? Where do we come from? What's made us this way? The answers to these and many other questions reference the past. We look back on experiences or on times well beyond the scope of our memories to assess where we've got to. We are shaped by time. We also evaluate today through the lenses of past aesthetics, constructs and societies. MASCUALR Magazine asked contributors from around the world to share not only their histories. but to reflect on how we, as creatives, respond to the past. Does it influence our work? Do we embrace it or are we in a battle to erase it and move on?

Mascular 24.3 Cover.jpg

Issue No. 24

 Issue No. 24 of MASCULAR Magazine was about HEROES.

We are prone to fantasise about heroes - being one, meeting one, being saved by one, falling in love with one. Often, these heroes are comic or other types of literary characters. They are not the real heroes, living or deceased, that have influenced, are influencing and will influence our lives and society with their gifts and contributions to the world. Heroes are change makers: changing lives, changing perspectives, challenging social norms. They go against the flow, even when others do nothing or tell them they cannot change people or the world.

Mascular 25 Cover.jpg

Issue No. 25

 Issue No. 25 of MASCULAR Magazine was about MOTION.

Planes, train and automobiles. Surf boards, roller skates and bicycles. Whatever gets you moving. Issue No. 25 of MASCULAR Magazine was on the move with you. We were talking about MOTION. The fantastic inventions that move you from point A to point B. The contraptions that help you escape your own gravity. Or, the simple pleasure of not standing still. Creativity is the act of conjuring up the unknown, the new and the impossible. It’s always been a kind of journey. For some, the creativity is focused on the means of making the journey, while for others, the journey itself is the creative bit. Be it from here to there, or then to now, motion has played an integral part in how we relate to the world around us. Our potential to move is fundamental to what makes us human

Mascular 26 Cover.jpg

Issue No. 26

 Issue No. 26 of MASCULAR Magazine was about INTERIORS.

What’s it like inside, where you are? Where do you go when you close that door behind you? What are you locking up as you leave in the morning? We drive by thousands of enclosed spaces - homes, offices, clubs and shops - but what’s going on inside? Issue No. 26 of MASCULAR Magazine wanted to take a peek inside. We wanted to see where you go and what you get up to when you are there.We find sanctuary and peace in the spaces we create for ourselves. We can also experience pain and loss hidden from the eyes of others. In a world where people speak of privacy but gladly give it away, what do we hold back? 

Mascular 27 Cover.jpg

Issue No. 27

 Issue No. 27 of MASCULAR Magazine was about FLORA.

Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor (A MASCULAR favourite) said “My relationship to plants becomes closer and closer. They make me quiet; I like to be in their company.” He speaks of plants like they are people, companions, even friends. Do you like plants? How about trees? Flowers? Perhaps you have a garden you are very proud of, or grew up in one that helped foster you sense of adventure. Maybe yours is a concrete jungle. Or for you, floral means the Jasmine perfume your mother use to wear? It’s pretty much universally acknowledged that plants and gardens and all things green and floral are beautiful. Is that premise true for you? Roses are for love. Lilies symbolise chastity and virtue… and death.  Orchids have an erotic look to them, and are often found in hotels and offices. Advertisers use verdant settings with trees and grass to evoke freshness. But in times gone by, the forest was seen as a dangerous place, not the lungs of the forest. As artists, we have always been fascinated by flowers – their fragility and transience hide the true power of their nature. While a forest fire strikes us as a huge calamity. 

Mascular 28 Cover.jpg

Issue No. 28

Issue No. 27 of MASCULAR Magazine was about RED.

It’s primary and all-pervasive. The most beautiful of its kind according to many, it is a signal, and often a warning. Stop, and don’t stop. It heightens awareness and is best in the dark. Red is daring. Devilish. Bold. Redheads are meant to be fiery, and red nail polish or lipstick was favored for making a big impression. Paint something red, and people will look at it. Red is closely associated with sin, perversion, and carnal pleasure. You’ll what you want in the red light district, and your red hanky may just get you what you crave. You need red to make orange, pink, purple, and brown. They have their aficionados too. 

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