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The arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unquestionably going to impact many aspects of our lives. From the big tech companies to governments and pundits, we are being told that AI is going to “change everything”. For some, this is the most exciting development since the internet. For others, all these promises bring probing questions. It doesn’t help that the motives of the AI development community are at best questionable and at worst, nefarious. 


Like any new technology, AI can be used the pursuit of positive as well as negative objectives – it depends on the user. And as is the case with many new developments, we are well advised to create a framework for the positive application of new technology within our society. This applies to the creative arts as well. If so, what would that framework look like? How would it be applied? Most of the major AI tools utilise data taken from vast libraries of images, this is one of the main issues raised when discussing AI in the context of artwork. Is AI art by its very nature is unethical, or have our views on "media" evolved? 


MASCULAR Magazine is proud to provide a platform for a discussion on how best to respond to the advent of AI withing the arts. What are the opportunities and what are the risks? How is the creation, representation and dissemination of art likely to change in the future. Is it really a risk, and if so, to whom? Will AI be a great equaliser and bring the ability to create artwork to new audience who, heretofore, felt unable to communicate artistically. Does AI give us the opportunity to explore exciting new ideas and present new visions that are beyond what we have seen before? 

If you are interested in contributing to AI Special Issue, please download and complete the Submissions Form below, or for more information, feel free to contact MASCULAR Magazine at:

Deadline for submissions is January  22, 2024.

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