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AUTUMN 2020 - WINTER 2021
Issue No. 31 |BED

We are very pleased to announce the publication of issue No. 31 of MASCULAR Magazine: BED.

Is it a person, place, or thing? Consider the bed. It’s likely that you were conceived in one. You will probably only have four or five of them in your entire life, and, alas, it is probably where you will leave this world if you are lucky. From your cot to your college twin and eventually, to your ‘California King’ - your bed speaks to your stage in life and status in society. Centuries ago, people took their beds with them when they traveled. The bed chamber in a royal household was the most exalted and intimate room of them all, and where the powerful would congregate. Interestingly, it’s not where the king slept. 

Beds reflect the cultures that build them. From the Japanese minimalist tatami that suggest a culture that favours simplicity and rigour over comfort, to an indulgent and fluffy bed that provides  comfort and solace. So we asked contributing artists to tell us about their beds, its adventures and the role it plays in your creative life.

MASCULAR Magazine is fortunate and honored to be able to showcase this fascinating and beautiful collection of works. In this issue, you will see things that may resonate with you or that may challenge you, but in any case, they will certainly engage you.



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