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Issue No. 36 |LOVE

We are very pleased to announce the publication of issue No. 36 of MASCULAR Magazine: LOVE.

When it comes to LOVE, pretty much everyone knows what we are talking about, but not everyone experiences it in the same way. Intimate Love is the celebration of an emotional exchange between two people. Such a simple definition, but is it right? What if there are more than two people involved? What if the feelings are deep, but distance makes physical intimacy impossible. And what about those situations where LOVE is partial, incomplete. You may love some things about someone and not love other things? 

LOVE is probably the most celebrated subject in Art. War is also. Whether carnal or spiritual, artists throughout time have turned to this most human of emotions as the subject for their work. From ceilings in churches to tiny little drawings carried close to the heart of an 18th century soldier – the physical representation of what we LOVE is the most powerful subject in all art forms. So, we ask you, the artist, how does love feature in your work? Is it even something you think about? Is the depiction of love a never-ending curiosity? Is LOVE always beautiful? Who you love, where you love, when you love, what you love, how you love… we invite you to share the LOVE. 

MASCULAR Magazine is fortunate and honoured to be able to showcase this fascinating and beautiful collection of works. In this issue, you will see things that may resonate with you or that may challenge you, but in any case, they will certainly engage you.

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