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Issue No. 38 |HISTORY

We are very pleased to announce the publication of issue No. 38 of MASCULAR Magazine: HISTORY.

History surrounds us, it provides the context in which we live, determines the ways we express ourselves, engage with one another and the world around us. Photography in particular is intrinsically linked to history. After all, the process consists of capturing the light coming off any given subject at a specific moment in time. What’s left then might be considered an artifact from that moment in history. Any other artistic medium can also be thought about in the same way. What we do here at Mascular is a kind of historical documentation in some sense, of the artistic expressions of the contributors at what is now the present moment, but will soon be recent, then later, distant history. 

The theme, much like history itself, is open to interpretation in whatever ways the contributor sees fit. It might be a documentation of a greater, capital H – History, like that of humanity, or art, or culture. Or a more personal lowercase h - history, one of lineage, family or relationships with others or with ourselves. Some may choose to reanact historical events, thinking back to ancient times they wish they lived in. Others could just as easily document themselves every day for a month, or before and after a major life event. Or some might find history embedded in an object like their late father’s work boots.

MASCULAR Magazine is fortunate and honoured to be able to showcase this fascinating and beautiful collection of works. In this issue, you will see things that may resonate with you or that may challenge you, but in any case, they will certainly engage you.



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