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Issue No. 28 |RED

We are very pleased to announce the publication of issue No. 28 of MASCULAR Magazine: RED.

It’s primary and all pervasive. The most beautiful of its kind according to many, it is a signal, and often a warning. Stop, and don’t stop. It heightens awareness and is best in the dark. Issue No. 28 of MASCULAR Magazine is dedicated to the color RED.

Red is daring. Devilish. Bold. Redheads are meant to be fiery, and red nail polish or lipstick was favoured for making a big impression. Paint something red, and people will look at it. Red is closely associated with sin, perversion and carnal pleasure. You’ll what you want in the red light district, and your red hanky may just get you what you crave. You need red to make orange, pink, purple and brown. They have their aficionados too. 

MASCULAR Magazine is fortunate and honoured to be able to showcase this fascinating and beautiful collection of works. In this issue you will see things that may resonate with you or that may challenge you, but in any case, they will certainly engage you.




Mascular Magazine is free. Be sure to download our previous issues as they are packed with fantastic content. The Magazines download as PDF files and look fantastic on your iPad or other tablet device.





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