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Issue No. 30 |FANTASY

We are very pleased to announce the publication of issue No. 30 of MASCULAR Magazine: FANTASY.

For many, fantasies represent the unattainable. A fantasy can be a form of impossible perfection, and in that state remain out of reach, and exciting all the more for being so. The very fact that it can’t be had or can’t be done is precisely what makes it so compelling. Be it that sports star on the field of play that you imagine tied to a lonely tree in a deserted forest, or the Minister giving a speech on TV that you would sorely like to ravage - millions of queues are subconsciously logged to give amplitude to your excitement.  

A leather jacket, a cigar, a slick piece of rubber, or some old dirty socks - these are tangible and available. Perhaps the fantasy is situational or based on risk and danger. Being naked in public, being helpless and vulnerable, a dark alley or a prison cell - many of these aren’t that remote and are sought out for that sense of excitement. Alternatively, they are the settings and backdrops for our fantasies. In the end, the objective is to create the mood and feelings that enhance and intensify our sexual lives. 

MASCULAR Magazine is fortunate and honored to be able to showcase this fascinating and beautiful collection of works. In this issue, you will see things that may resonate with you or that may challenge you, but in any case, they will certainly engage you.



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